About Us

With long-term employees serving an excellent customer base, The Peoples Bank is a unique and financially strong community bank.  We have offices in seven rural counties – Barber, Kingman, Kiowa, Osborne, Pratt, Russell and Smith – stretching from the Oklahoma border to the Nebraska border in Central Kansas.

Reflecting the rural values found in our markets of hard work, honesty, and integrity, our diverse customer base is earned one relationship at a time.  From individuals, clubs, and government entities to agricultural and energy producers to entrepreneurs, we exist to help our customers succeed.

Friendly dependable service has defined The Peoples Bank throughout its 125 plus year history.  Effectively delivering the service is a team of 100 knowledgeable professionals including 9 employees with more than 25 years and another 35 employees with more than 10 years of serving customers of The Peoples Bank.  Even more unique among community banks is the meaningful ownership of The Peoples Bank by its employees through its Employee Stock Ownership Plan. 

Another unique feature of The Peoples Bank is its stability.  Very few rural, community banks continue to operate solely on their original capital and subsequent retained earnings.  Fewer still remain in operation after having weathered the Financial Panic of 1893 and the Great Depression of 1933.  This financial staying power continues to this day and is imperative to our deposit, trust, and loan customers.

The Peoples Bank also differentiates itself in other ways such as having one of the largest trust departments in western Kansas and provides trust operations for two other banks.  The bank differs by having an in-house information technology group of seven professionals and by having a live person answer all of our incoming phone calls.

We intentionally seek to employ the most talented, capable, service-oriented people in order that our customers get the best service and advice possible.  We strive as a bank and as individuals to participate in our communities in a meaningful positive way.  It’s our corporate social responsibility to make each community we serve a better place because The Peoples Bank has an office there.

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